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Our Founder

Michele Ford...AKA Chele, hence Chele's Cat Care. I am passionate about rescuing cats and offering them a better life. 

I started animal care at a young age. Growing up in New York City taught me that cats are sorely mistreated and that they needed to be cared for. I was going into the underground garages in order to feed the cats who found protection from the elements there. I would imagine a time in my future when I would be better able to help them on a grander scale. 

Starting in about 2015 I did just that. I learned the value of TNR, fostering and cat adoption. 

Since then I've been working with like minded people for the benefit of our feline friends. I have taken part in the spaying and neutering of roughly 5000 cats. 

I have also facilitated several hundred adoptions. Now my passion has turned into a full time effort. Chele's Cat Care has earned our Non-profit status which allows us even more opportunities to do our work.



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