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Our Mission

At Chele’s Cat Care, our goal is to provide the best possible future for each cat who comes, directly or indirectly, into our care.

While there are many cats who crave a loving home, there will always be those cats who have zero desire for human contact. We help those cats too! As they may be placed in a barn cat program or returned right back to where they were trapped. We call those cats "mousers". 


To fight over-population, each cat who comes to Chele's Cat Care is carefully evaluated, spayed or neutered, snap tested, and vaccinated, at very least. Volunteer fosters nurture the cats and kittens until they are ready for adoption. Some adoptions go through the foster home while other cats may get adopted though one of our partner rescues.

Our organization also provides, at no charge, cat food, litter, dewormer, flea control and other supplies to pet parents who are facing financial difficulties. If transporting their pets to the vet becomes impossible, we pitch in there as well.

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